You don't always have to look at the sky for a rainbow.

You can find moments of joy and happiness in the most unexpected places. All you have to do is keep your mind open to the possibilities.

By the way, these wise words come from personal experience :-)


Susannah said...

So, so true. :-)

Friko said...

I have just been through all your blogs and admired all your pictures. I'd love to have been able to leave comments here and there but, as it is, I must remain a member of the silent junta; I couldn't find dates of posting or comment boxes in some of them.

So, let this comment suffice for all of them : I like what I see.

indiwriter said...

Thanks Susannah.

Friko, glad you enjoyed my posts and photos.
And big thanks for pointing out the lack of comments feature on one of my blogs. An unexpected occurrence. I tried restoring it but without any success :(